Little Tikes Pop Tunes Keyboard

  • Pre-set tunes
  • Fully functioning major and minor keys
  • Play along with 8 light up keys
  • 2-in-1 volume control and power button

624322 Little Tikes PopTunes are the only musical toy instruments featuring popular contemporary tunes that both parents and kids can enjoy! Features: -Pop Tunes Keyboard. -Modes of play: freestyle, pre-set tunes. -Rockin Tunes: Rockin’ Robin, Litt

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2.0 out of 5 stars
Not as good as it could be, May 8, 2012
R. Johns (Monterey, CA) – See all my reviews

= Durability:2.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:1.0 out of 5 stars 
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I purchased this for our daughter to play with. Overall, it’s okay, but it could certainly have been a lot better if someone had put a little more thought into it.

Overall, it’s fairly well made. However, ours is only about 2 weeks old and already one of the blue keys has stopped working. In fairness, it has sustained several 2 foot drops onto the floor (however, nothing which should have done so much damage as to cause one key to fail). It also sometimes just randomly goes crazy and plays tunes, but that’s rare.

The operation works like this: turn it on, then you can tap the keys and they light up (the white ones anyway). The blue ones make noise, but don’t illuminate. There are two volume settings. Normal and too loud. There are also five colored keys across the top. If you push one of those, it plays a little tune once and then stops. It also slightly alters the sound of the keys when you push them, but it’s sort of annoying to have to wait through the song, so usually we just turn it on and let our daughter hit the keys.

I think this could have been a much more enjoyable toy if they had given you some way to select different sounds for the main piano keys. In other words, a button that makes the keys act like a horn, or a violin or a piano or a guitar, etc. Unfortunately, there is no function like that. Even when you select different tones by waiting through the songs attached to the 5 keys along the top, the difference in the tone that it keys makes is very subtle.

Myself, I would gladly give up the lame little canned songs in order to have different musical instruments via the main piano keys. I think that would be a lot more fun for kids and a lot less annoying for parents (i.e. having to hear the canned songs like “ABC’s” over and over again.

Overall, the toy is okay, but due to its limitations on what sounds it can make, it quickly becomes somewhat boring. I think if a little more thought had gone into its design, it could have been a 5 star toy. As it stands and given that one key has already failed after only a week or so, I have to rate it more like 2 stars. At , it’s grossly over priced for what you get. For that price, given that it was probably made in china for under 2 bucks, I think it could provide more than just flat notes and 5 canned songs.

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